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Create a Memorial or Obituary

Click here to create an obituary for notification of death or write a tribute or eulogy for the deceased. Follow the simple instructions. For inspiration, read "Beautiful Memorials" by the New York Times. Or from "Sample Memorials & Obituaries" copy, paste and edit to your needs.

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Posting A Condolence

Convey your condolences to the bereaved. Post a short message of no more than 300 words.

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Sample Memorials & Obituaries

Copy and paste from "Sample Memorials & Obituaries" to create a death notification or to write a tribute or eulogy. Samples of various lengths and styles are available.

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Beautiful Memorials

Among the best read articles in the New York Times are the obituaries. The elegantly written articles capture the lives of the famous as well as the not-so-famous. Click here for some inspiration.

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