About us

Memorial Haven was inspired by the premature death of a few friends in recent times, among them, Kimberly from San Francisco. Only 40 years old, her body was ravaged by cancer, but not her spirit, which was indomitable till her last breath.

Many were not informed of her death. Her Facebook page continues to exist but no updates, just a state of suspended limbo. Those who knew of her death, nevertheless, poured their feelings and condolences there, which looked displaced in a social media setting.

"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them," said George Elliot.

With Memorial Haven, a life will never be forgotten.

We created Memorial Haven so that you can remember and honor your loved ones forever. It's a special place for you to create an obituary, inform others quickly of a death, write tributes, store photos and videos, share condolences, commemorate anniversaries and pay homage to the deceased.

We believe that every life has a great story to tell – a story that is a kaleidoscope of family, friends, dreams, achievements, hopes, joys and sorrows. If the person’s life could be displayed in a single photograph, every pixel would be a rich memory.

So let Memorial Haven help you, your family members and friends from all over the world treasure the memory of a loved one.




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