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Memorial Haven is a special place for online obituaries and sending condolences to the bereaved.

It’s free, easy and takes less than 5 minutes to create an obituary.

Step 1 :

Register as a new user.

Step 2 :

Fill in our simple obituary template.

Step 3 :

Upload a photo of the departed.

A quick and hassle-free way to notify people of someone’s passing.

Share the obituary on social media and reach the right audience instantly. Inform family, friends and acquaintances of wake and funeral details in a single effort and conveniently communicate updates.

Easily convert an obituary into a memorial by adding photos, videos and a written tribute.

A life passed should not be a life forgotten. Celebrate the departed’s life and legacy in your own words, or try our professional writing services for a beautifully written tribute.

Family, friends and acquaintances who cannot be there in person can post their condolences from anywhere in the world.

Simply register as a user to post a condolence message and let the bereaved know that they are in your thoughts. The condolence messages will be archived on the obituary and can be viewed at any time.

Read beautiful obituaries written by top journalists

Get Started The obituary lasts for as long as you wish.

Unlike newspaper obituaries, the obituary or memorial you create will remain, allowing you to revisit it at any time. You will also receive a notification on the departed’s death anniversary.


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